Twin Bridge Axle Scale

US Scale TB Axle Scale

US Scale axle scales are an economical alternative to full length truck scales. They are designed for heavy use and years of service. Axle scales are widely used in applicaitons such as fuel stops, distribution centers and loading stations. Their primary purpose is to ensure compliance with highway weight limit laws. Axle load scales are not considered legal-for-trade.

TB axle scales are designed for temporary applications such as removal of construction materials. These scales have a low profile and provide superior accuracy.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Eight 10,000 lb capacity shear beam load cells
  • Top access junction boxes with NEMA-4x sealing
  • Signal trim load cell summing cards
  • Four quick change removable ramps
  • Optional box-ends for pit installations
  • Center lifting eyes for easy loading
  • Military grade weather proof connectors